Mental Giants (Akbar & P-Lee) – Mic Monster / Seven / Food Song 12"

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"Mic Monster" is a straight boom bap song. From the dirty grimey beat to the cuts and the lyrics. Akbar explains why he is the Mic Monster.


On "Seven" both the original and the remix are done by the numbers. Another lyrical master piece.


"Food song" is a text book version of how to fuel your body. Done with a hip hop/ reggae beat and rhyme flow on the intro.


All songs are clean radio friendly and have instrumental. Some of the last copies from the label!




Mic Monster (Clean)
Seven (Original Clean)
Mic Monster (Instrumental)
Seven (Original instrumental)


Food Song (Instrumental)
Seven Remix (Clean)
Seven Remix (Instrumental)
Food Song (Clean)


Shipping Date: July 29th, 2022