Prohibited By Law Regiment ‎– Marked For Death 2xLP

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Prohibited By Law Regiment was a pioneering rap group from Anchorage, AK. They released their debut album in 1990 through Seattle's Black Emerald Records, entitled "Armed And Dangerous". They followed it up in 1992 by dropping their sophomore & last album, "Marked For Death" as the group disbanded soon after.


"Marked For Death" was only released on tape originally and is an absolutely amazing album from start to finish with just under 70 minutes of pure heat. Now 30 years later HHE is proud to drop it on vinyl for the first time ever, in a limited edition of 300 pieces. All tracks have been remastered by Jee Van Cleef.




01 Execution
02 Prelude
03 Marked For Death
04 In The View
05 Call 4 Back Up 2
06 Foodstamps
07 Ain't Givin Up No Ground
08 Arms Of The Octopus
09 Revelation
10 On The Run
11 It's All About Us
12 Black Christmas
13 The World Is A Ghetto
14 Prohibited By Law
15 All Jokes Aside
16 Killing Fields
17 Escaped-Armed And Dangerous II
18 Turn Out The Lights


Shipping Date: October 31st, 2022