Cru p.ka. Rhythm Blunt Cru – The Early 90’s Pre-Demos CD

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Pretty crazy this one!! My man Brian Kayser [Chopped Herring Interviews] hit up MC Chadio with a book idea. He happened to mention Herring and the rest is history. These are the demos that attracted Violator Ent impresario ‘Baby’ Chris Lighty [R.I.P.]. Lighty hooked up the deal with Def Jam through a second set of demos, but these beauties are what started the ball rolling on the career of three man outfit Cru previously known as Rhythm Blunt Cru. The name was shorted by Russell Simmons who I can only assume thought the word ‘blunt’ in the name of a group was a negative [when we all know that it’s a huge positive!!!]. There’s not much more to say here – just take a listen to the snippets and dig that lost early 90’s NY flava that we feen for. Massive Fish!!!!




1 Jeep Thrillz
2 When I Flip On You
3 I Don’t Know What To Do
4 Red Alert Promo 94
5 Everything Is Gonna Be Alright
6 Cat Booty
7 Blunted Can’t You Tell


Shipping Date: June 29th, 2022