Ashton “DJ Cassanova” Irons – The Texas Tapes 1992-1995 EP CD


Dope 100% unreleased and unleaked material from the early to mid 90’s outta Texas, produced by Papa Chuk and Landlords of the Morgue producer Ashton “DJ Cassanova” Irons. You will know Teddy Lee from the group Project Crew but the rest are pretty obscure acts that passed through Ashton’s studio in the early to mid 90’s to record their demos. Check out the flava and the 2 extra CD-only bonus tracks!!!




1 Ex-Cel – Freaking The Funk
2 Necessary Roughness – Nothing but A Microphone
3 Trillogy – Badlands
4 Verbal Seed – Real Wit Mine
5 Teddy Lee – It’s On Like This
6 Teddy Lee – Bullseye
7 Trillogy – Nothing Better Than (20 Sack)
8 Felony – The Aftermath
9 Brutal Bad Luck – Wicked
10 Necessary roughness – Nigga Next Door


Shipping Date: June 29th, 2022