Kenneth Masters & BoFaat - A Life Less Ordinary CD

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Philly's own Kenneth Masters drops heavy knowledge and flava over the best of BoFaat's production work so far, and he's done a lot of work recently. To be honest with you, I can't do this one justice with mere words - it's all about the sounds yo. 


Sick cuts from Drew (Jedi Mind Tricks) Dollars and all beats courtesy of Hannover's favourite beatmaker, BoFaat.




1 Less Ordinary
2 Been Thoro ft Elad Authority
3 Inception Diamonds
4 The World Ends With You
5 Headroom ft. Poppy Dames
6 '85 Jordans
7 Sonic Youth Grown
8 Loafs/Found in Random ft Sara Seashell
9 What's The Is?
10 Fresh Melt Water
11 The Cold Era
12 Fly Lingual ft Doodlebug, Maylay Sparks & Speak Sampras
13 Shade Theories ft Local Blac, & Gums


Shipping Date: June 29th, 2022