Perverted Dialect - The 1996 DemoTape EP (BACKORDER)


Oh shiiiii. Here it is, probably the 90's Herring of the year.


Here's the story.


Izniz, the producer for The Madness, Ghettolandz & Burn U.N.I. [as well as being the owner of Boom Bap Nation], hit up Sham from PD and said "Yo, speak to Bob about a release", so he did. He played me some joints from an unreleased 1999 project. There were some really dope ones on there but I was like "Where are the 1996 demos, ya know, the ones submitted to The Source's Unsigned Hype section". I was told that no one had them anymore. So unsurprisingly I was a little disappointed. I mean there was some niceness in the late 90's stash but it was those elusive demos that the heads were really feenin for.


Some time went by and one day I noticed someone was displaying a copy of the actual demo tape that the group had lost online. I hit dude up immediately and he was mad cool and knew Herring and very kindly offered to do a high quality rip of the material. And WOW. The material is absolute fiya. What we have here are all the tracks off the 1996 demo tape that the artists no longer have, plus one ABSOLUTE monster track from the late 90's. You tell me people, but I think this one is pretty, pretty, pretty special.


Perverted Dialect are Sick Ass Sham, Waynmega (Slang) and DJ Skills. They hail from the Long Branch neighborhood of New Jersey and knew each other from around the way. The group nearly copped a deal off Violator but it never came off. Violator's loss is our gain.


All tracks produced by DJ Skills. 265 copies on Black Wax in Sticker Jacket




A1 Intro
A2 Blackout
A3 Grams
A4 I Don't Get Down Like That


B1 Perverted Dialect
B2 Outro
B3 Blow of Death (Hidden Track)
B4 Like It Or Not (Bonus Track)


Shipping Date: Late March, 2024