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Mad CJ Mac - True Game LP

Mad CJ Mac - True Game LP
Sold out

Brand new reissue from Hittin Switches Records, limited to only 500 copies.




A1 Intro 1:59
A2 Let My Niggas Out Tha Pen 4:45
A3 True Game 3:17
A4 Come And Take A Ride Feat. Poppa LQ 4:04
A5 Realism 2:58
A6 Powda Puff 4:56
B1 Losin My Mind 4:06
B2 Can't Cee Thee Ahh! 4:02
B3 Tryina Survive 3:40
B4 Trust No 4:01
B5 Dead Man Walkin 5:07
B6 Moment Of Silence 0:18
B7 I Can't Stand A Rat 4:51