Guice - Ashes Off My Blunt LP


This is Guice with 'Ashes of my Blunt'. One of the sickest and smokiest classic rap albums Memphis got to date. First time on vinyl and official as fuck. Tracks like 'Murder on they Minds', 'Fire it up' and 'Find myself' are genius and timeless bombs for your eardrums. Enjoy them tunes while drinking Alizé and smoking a big fat blunt. Wet dreams come true!


Limited to only 200 copies on black vinyl!




A1 Intro 3:10
A2 Murder On They Minds 4:42
A3 Raised In The Hood 4:08
A4 Fire It Up 5:25
B1 Find Myself 4:46
B2 9mm 3:29
B3 Wet Dream 5:13


Shipping Date: June 1st, 2022