ICY-K Feat. The Lyrical Mafia - Original Playa LP

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Here we go with the first release for the Hole in One Classix series. Not a lot is known about Icy-K besides the fact he's a Original Playa. A real '95 Memphis underground classic is now avaiable again for the first time on vinyl. An exclusive reissue handled with care and love.


Limited to only 200 copies!




A1 (Intro) K And God
A2 Mind Of A Playa
A3 Cross Move (Scene)
A4 Playa's Mode
A5 Natural Hustler
A6 In Da Hood (Scene)
A7 Youngsta
B1 Interview A Playa (Scene)
B2 Original Playa
B3 Piece Of Mind
B4 Smoke A Square (Scene)
B5 Rollin Wit K
B6 Shouts Out!
B7 Listen Up (Outro)


Shipping Date: June 1st, 2022