Insane Poetry - Grim Reality LP (30th Anniversary Edition)

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Grim Side:
Welcome To The Grim Side 1:15
Angel Of Death 2:50
How Ya Gonna Reason With A Psycho 4:33
The House That Dripped Blood 4:03
Choppin Up A Body 1:20
If Rhymes Could Kill 2:53
Bring Ya Daughter To The Slaughter 5:14
Stalkin With The Nitebreed 6:16

Reality Side:
The Horror Facts 0:41
Grim Reality 2:35
Six In The Chamber 3:46
Till Death Do Us Part 3:57
One Careless Moment 1:47
Raise The Devil 3:58
Manic Depressive 5:42
Exit Reality Side 0:57


Shipping Date: May 20th, 2022