Prodigal Sunn (Sunz Of Man) – Redeemed CD-R


Prodigal Sunn's latest album originally released back in 2018. This right here is the limited 2020 reissue that was released as a professional CD-R in a cardboard sleeve. Some of the very last copies, 2 signed and 5 regular ones.


Note: These CD's were taken along on tour so they all have some sleeve wear.




1 Kings Palace Feat. Tuac
2 Me
3 Hoods Sagas
4 I Will
5 Hustle Grind Feat. Stevy Valantine
6 World Famous
7 Summer 88
8 Everywhere Feat. Stevy Valantine
9 Live Feat. 12 O'Clock
10 Tell It Like It Is
11 Hey Love Feat. Stevy Valantine
12 Livin On Top Of The World
13 Taxation
14 Rising Feat. Heaven Razah & Tuac
15 Do