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Detroit based hip hop group Da'Enna C aka Da Enna Cirkle formed in 1991 consisted of P. Gruv, Sleeepy D aka 3E, Boog Woog and DJ Dez (Andres). Da' Enna C is known for being the first group to release a Dilla production the song was "Now" included on the You Can't Use My Pen EP (1994) released on the UpTop Entertainment Record Label. In 1999 the group went into hiatus, focusing more on production for other artist an entities, producing a string of beat records for Hipnotech which included releasing three Enna C songs on the Beats & Rhyme 12" series and another previously unreleased song recorded in 1994 called "True to Rap" produced by J Dilla and DJ Dez HR-018 (2010).




01 Throw Ya Hands In The Air 1 (Intro) 1:00
02 Blow Up The Spot 4:02
03 Rap Brings Back 4:40
04 Detroit Gruvin Feat. Olivia 5:01
05 Throw Ya Hands In The Air 2 (Midtro) 0:45
06 The Alternative 4:29
07 The Late Show Feat. Supa EMCEE 5:11
08 Addickted 4:07
09 I Might Lose It Feat. Geechie Dan 4:26
10 Knock Me 3:36
11 Vertical Ride Feat. Olivia & Trey Boogie 6:00
12 Face 2 Face 4:38
13 Back Stabbin 3:48
14 Fo Sho 4:16
15 Throw Ya Hands In The Air (Outro) 2:37


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