Capital Punishment Klik - Different Levels Of Tha Game CD


SWE is back with another CPK installment. This time we have a reissue of the final album from the Nashville, Tennessee duo. "Different Levels To Tha Game" was originally released back in 2001, and just like their other work the beats and rhymes are on point. Now back in print, remastered by Jee Van Cleef and very limited to only 200 copies!




1 Conception
2 How I Ride
3 Dirty Dirty
4 Curbserver
5 Bonedry
6 Headhunter
7 Killa Girl
8 Bitch Nigga
9 Reflections
10 Different Levels Of The Game
11 The World Revolves
12 Dopeman's Bitch
13 Hol' Up
14 Me & U
15 1-900-4-Ghetto
16 Ghetto Celebrity
17 If You Ain't


Shipping Date: May 13th, 2022