Gee Rock & Tha C.N.D. Coalition ‎– Urban Legendary: The Legacy Of Force One (Tha F-1 Anthology) CD-R

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Rare and unreleased recordings from Gee Rock & Tha C.N.D. Coalition featuring Percee P, Lakim Shabazz, J Force and more! These were never released sealed.




1 Let The Attack Begin (intro)
2 Gee Rock Freestyle
3 3dahardway (Skit) Feat. Lakim Shabazz & Percee P
4 I Am Hip Hop (Supermix)
5 Let Yourself Go (Remix)
6 Watch Your Step
7 Equality (Hip Hop) Feat. Reggie Reg
8 Truth Be Told Feat. A Form, Geechie Dan, Java Da Ancient, Madfile & Percee P
9 One Two (Freestyle) Feat. Percee P
10 Constant Elevation (Remix)
11 Everlasting Feat. Lakim Shabazz
12 Thisizhowitshouldbedone
13 Summa Uv 79 (XXXL Mix)
14 Ghetto Hot Feat. Jaja Binx
15 Here Undaground
16 Here We Come
17 Undaground Ikonz (Radio Edit) Feat. DJ Xcell & J Force
18 What Else Can I Say
19 Cypha Royale Feat. Jace The Great, Lakim Shabazz, Percee P & TreAzure
20 Code Of The Street Feat. Jaja Binx
21 Sign Of The Time Feat. Lakim Shabazz & P.N.A.
22 Qwestion Of Truth
23 The Big Payback Feat. Earl Jones
24 The Legends Are Coming Feat. The Flyest Booski, Dota Rock, Waterbed Kev & Robbie Rock
25 Ain't Nuthin Like It (Hip Hop) Feat. Tamika Scott