Canibus X A-Villa – One Step Closer To Infinity CD (AUTOGRAPHED COPIES)

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Brand new Canibus album entirely produced by A-Villa. Limited Edition of 400 copies released in a 4 panel Digipak and all copies that will be sold through HHE have been autographed by Canibus!




1 Ipictorial.Wallet Feat. Jurassic 5
2 Mass Malthusian Delusions
3 Jason & Brandon Mashias
4 BMC Eyes (BLK MRKT CRTFD) Feat. Kali Ranks & Self Lion
5 Astaxanthian Man Feat. Born Sun
6 Metaburger Feat. K-Solo
7 One Step Closer To ∞
8 Lord Cyborg
9 Master Builders Feat. Born Sun, K-Solo, Mali "The Great", Ophrap & Science
10 Illfinity 101


Shipping Date: March 28th, 2022