4 Tray Block & Da Drifta ‎– Up In The Pocket CD


Our fam over at NorthCyde Vinyl have done it again with another dope one!


Sacramento, CA Banger by Nico 43rd & Da Drifta from Unknown Records. Originally released in 1995 on Tape only. Another underground classic and hidden gem from the West Coast. For the 1st time ever on pro pressed CD!




01. Valley Of The Smoking Gats
02. Cowards Don't Live Long
03. Drunk With A Playa [ft. tund'e]
04. Sactown Hog
05. Did I Get A Page (Commercial)
06. Sacramento Nights
07. Up In Tha Pocket
08. Genocidal City
09. Livin' Low
10. Real [wit tha rile'z]
11. Nico's Voice Mail (Commercial)
12. High Mission


Shipping Date: March 18th, 2022