L.G.E. Posse - Empowering Movement CD

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A limited supply of Denver's L.G.E. Posse's last album "Empowering Movement" are now available! As underground as it gets, they've been rocking Denver for years with their Tongue Twisting ways and if you dig Bone Thugs, Twista or Three 6 Mafia then definitely check this one out.


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  1. Been Threw It All
  2. Don't Get Mad Cause Your Rap Got Blown
  3. If You Wanna Run Up Get Done Up From Night Till Sun Up
  4. Free As A Bird Feat. Smoke Corleone
  5. Unforgiven
  6. Been Doing This For So Long
  7. Now They Gone
  8. I Can Hear It Calling In The Air Tonight Feat. Smoke Corleone
  9. We Some G$ Part 4
  10. West Side
  11. DJ Play This Song Feat. Smoke Corleone
  12. Never Sell Out Feat. Smoke Corleone
  13. Demons On Side Of Me
  14. Everytime I Make The Beat It Goes Bang
  15. We Some Tongue Twistas Part 2
  16. R.I.P. Mom (Tears In Heaven)
  17. R.I.P. Vexx G


Shipping Date: March 18th, 2022