T.H.U.G. M.A.F.I.A. - Fate & Consequencez 2xCD

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Southern hip hop duo T.H.U.G. M.A.F.I.A. (The hardworking underestimated geniuses making all finances in appropriate ways), is based in East Point, Georgia consisting of Rockford, Illinois native Benjamin “Death-Trap” Gulley and Atlanta, Georgia native Kevia “K-Steel” Stills. The group formed in Atlanta in late 2001, performing at local clubs and major music venues in and around South West Atlanta. The groups music style consists of West Coast G-Funk and Dirty South Slang.


This is their brand new double album, the first one since 2011 and it won't disappoint!



Disc 1

1 Fate & Consequencez (feat. Stevo)

2 Im Raw

3 Don't Say What You Don't Mean (feat. Stevo & Travo Rachee)

4 Pleasure

5 Jus Tha 2 of Uz (feat. Nola)

6 Weight off Ya Chest (feat. MC Eiht)

7 Come and Drink Wit Me (feat. Mary Davis & Mr Copastetic)

8 Cant Be Uz

9 Still Gonna Creep

10 Hustle Everyday (feat. Travo Rachee)


Disc 2

1 Officer Enemy [VIDEO]

2 Cadillac Smoke (feat. Travo Rachee)

3 Aint 4 All That

4 Fixxer Upper (feat. D.A.N.)

5 Crime [G-Mix] (feat. Travo Rachee & Stevo)

6 Creepin n My Nikez (feat. El Don)

7 Midnite Creep (Remix)

8 His Wife (feat. Stevo)

9 Unleashed (feat. Stevo)

10 Bonus: Officer Enemy


Shipping Date: March 14th, 2022