T.H.U.G. M.A.F.I.A. - Fate & Consequencez 2xCD


Southern hip hop duo T.H.U.G. M.A.F.I.A. (The hardworking underestimated geniuses making all finances in appropriate ways), is based in East Point, Georgia consisting of Rockford, Illinois native Benjamin “Death-Trap” Gulley and Atlanta, Georgia native Kevia “K-Steel” Stills. The group formed in Atlanta in late 2001, performing at local clubs and major music venues in and around South West Atlanta. The groups music style consists of West Coast G-Funk and Dirty South Slang.


This is their brand new double album, the first one since 2011 and it won't disappoint!



Disc 1

1 Fate & Consequencez (feat. Stevo)

2 Im Raw

3 Don't Say What You Don't Mean (feat. Stevo & Travo Rachee)

4 Pleasure

5 Jus Tha 2 of Uz (feat. Nola)

6 Weight off Ya Chest (feat. MC Eiht)

7 Come and Drink Wit Me (feat. Mary Davis & Mr Copastetic)

8 Cant Be Uz

9 Still Gonna Creep

10 Hustle Everyday (feat. Travo Rachee)


Disc 2

1 Officer Enemy [VIDEO]

2 Cadillac Smoke (feat. Travo Rachee)

3 Aint 4 All That

4 Fixxer Upper (feat. D.A.N.)

5 Crime [G-Mix] (feat. Travo Rachee & Stevo)

6 Creepin n My Nikez (feat. El Don)

7 Midnite Creep (Remix)

8 His Wife (feat. Stevo)

9 Unleashed (feat. Stevo)

10 Bonus: Officer Enemy


Shipping Date: March 14th, 2022