Crooked Path - Which Way Is Up 2xLP

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SWE is back with Seattle crew Crooked Path's classic 1998 album "Which Way Is Up" for the first time ever on vinyl!


This edition will be limited to 300 copies and will be available in 3 versions each limited to 100 copies. As a bonus the D-Side will contain 4 previously unreleased Crooked Path demos.




A1 You Ain't Knowin'
A2 Feel Like A Nut
A3 No Mail
A4 Hatas All Pause
A5 Bad Mutha Fo Ya


B1 Neva Be Yo Man
B2 Young Playa Feat. F-Lee
B3 We Be Rollin' Feat. F-Lee
B4 206 Luv


C1 Let 'Em Go Feat. Lil' Frank
C2 Hotel, Motel
C3 Fuckin' Yo Hoe
C4 We Don't Give A Phuck Feat. Lil' Frank


D1 Kick It
D2 I Get The Paper
D3 Ate On A Plate
D4 Splash


Shipping Date: March 15th, 2022