i.f.A. – international family Affair CD

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i.f.A. (always referring to themselves as a family and not a band) is inspired by their never-forgotten street edge, their spirituality and their desire to share the music they make with others. With roots in and around Oakland, East Palo Alto and Stockton, California, it was only a matter of time before these musical minds would meet to form their own "Family Affair".


i.f.A. (International Family Affair) comprised of the following members: D-SHOOT "Derrick Shaw" (Lead & Background Vocals), G.F. "Howard Lee" (Rapp & Background Vocals), BIAS "Tobias Dixon" (Rapp & Background Vocals), SOS "Mario Covington" (Rapp & Background Vocals).




01 Rollin 3:43
02 Throw Ya Hands Up 3:49
03 Gee's Get Lonely 2 4:14
04 Do U Wanna Ride 5:58
05 Bustas 3:06
06 I Like 3:15
07 Off Da Hook 3:15
08 You Need A "G" 3:22
09 Slide 3:13
10 OG Funk 3:56
11 Family Affair 4:13


Shipping Date: February 24th, 2022