Bankai Fam / Ninjustice - The Stance CD

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In the year 2013, 11 MC's from Crown Heights, Brooklyn (Skanks, Top Notch, P General, Gangsta, Phenom, Gstats, Low Banga, Big Bizness, Has Diggz, El Gee & Shatike) broke into the Hip-Hop world. "On My Side" was a strong EP with a modern approach of boom bap mixed with manga culture. Due to the success of this release it was quickly followed by solo albums as "Syke Ward" by Gstats, "Ghetto Life" by Top Notch and "Shinigamie Flowfessional" by Skanks.


All these records were mostly produced by the Shinigamie/Marvel Records camp, machines/sampler freaks as Kyo Itachi, Venom & Azaia. Later, some members took different directions and released music on their own. But a full album with the originals producers still had to see the light of the day.


So Ninjustice (Kyo Itachi & Venom) along with Azaia are back in full effect with the whole Bankai Fam to bring damage to your ears with street knowledge combined with bangin' drums, deep sampling & scratches.


Bankai !




1. Bankai Song 
2. On The Map 
3. Mental Slap Feat. Haile Ali & Siren 
4. Gunzone 
5. Solve That Feat. Ruste Juxx
6. Wack Rapper Eulogy 
7. Devious Mind 
8. The Stance 
9. Champion Sport 
10. What I need
11. Célébration 


Shipping Date: February 24th, 2022