L.B.B. – Paraperpentriangulaire LP

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Smimooz is producer and rapper that started producing back in 1987. He gained fame with the legendary Belgian hip-hop group "De Puta Madre", whose debut album ranks among the best albums ever made in Belgium. 


Right here you have a collabo album with L.B.B. 'Lord Black Shmet' released back in 2016. This was a very limited release of only 150 copies and right here you have some of the last available copies!




A.1 Alchimistes (intro)
A.2 Paraperpentriangulaire
A.3 O.G.
A.4 36 Sciècles De Réflection (ft DKLO)
A.5 Pussy (ft Keya)
A.6 La Vérité (ft Sekel)
B.1 Le Néant (ft Smimooz, Binx & Keya)
B.2 Quelle Galère? 2015 (Bigmod)
B.3 Michael J Fox (ft DKLO)
B.4 J't'expliquerai Plus (ft Keya)
B.5 Put1!!!
B.6 Lève Tes Majeurs