NoDōz - Ready To Detonate CD


HHE is back with some legendary old school Houston, TX hip-hop! Rap-A-Lot headz better take notice right now!! For those unfamiliar, NoDōz were an old school rap duo out of Houston, TX created by the legendary Def Jam Blaster and rapper D. Latroi.


Def Jam Blaster... aaah where to begin? Maybe back in 1987 when he worked on a 7" which started the career of a local rapper named DJ Akshen?  Or 1988 when he worked on one of the most iconic 12" records EVER in hip-hop? A 12" from that same rapper Akshen that would have the world forever know him as Scarface from that day on. Or when Def Jam Blaster started the duo Private Identity in 1989 with another legendary Houston rapper 3-2? Or how in 90's Def Jam Blaster worked on albums for Raheem, Royal Flush, Willie D, Big Mello, Madd Hatta and Mobb Deep.


I think you get my point by now, this is a man that paid his dues with the best of them... Now back to our story... After Private Identity died down after doing some recordings Def Jam Blaster hooked back up with D. Latroi, a rapper he met a year before, and started making some demos, material that has remained shelved up until now as we have had the pleasure to include them as bonus tracks for the CD release.


In 1992 NoDōz were signed to Revolution Records, an imprint that was focused primarily on R&B. Right before they could finish the album D. Latroi started having some serious health issues and Revolution Records started second guessing their decision to drop a hip-hop record so the album was shelved.


Now 30 years later we are excited to present you all the tracks from those 1992 sessions, the demos and remixes all from the DAT tapes. The 8 page booklet will include an interview done by Werner Von Wallenrod with Def Jam Blaster which was done specifically for this release. All tracks remastered by Justin Perkins and DJ Pyra-C and the entire CD layout was handled by man Laurence Di Lullo.


Limited to only 300 copies!




01 Ready To Detonate
02 The Funky Assassin
03 Reality Check (Skit)
04 The Chase
05 Keep Ya Cash
06 My Funky Drunk Uncle (Interlude)
07 Preservation Of The Hip-Hop Nation
08 Step In The Wrong Direction (Remix)
09 Girls All Over (Hypnotic)
10 The Fuse (Bonus Beats)
11 Sewn Up (Demo)*
12 The Last Laugh (Demo)*
13 The Funky Assassin (Remix)*
14 Here Comes NoDōz (Demo)*
15 Step In The Wrong Direction (Hypnotic)
16 Step In The Wrong Direction (Instrumental)


Shipping Date: February 8th, 2022