​The Hidden Character X Starker - Rap Money Cassette


The latest release from Ill Catz Records, this time around they are dropping another gem from TheHiddenCharacter who's one of the hottest up and coming artists out of MA. This one's a collabo album with Starker, a New York rapper that's been steady making a new for himself throughout the last few years. Production and features by Al.divino, Estee Nack, Themellos and Mr. Rose among others.




01 Rap Money Intro 
02 Roleys Off Rap
03 Swap Meet Feat. Swaemello
04 Cocaine Avalanche
05 Fichas
06 Dirty Perc Thirty Feat. Estee Nack
07 Gunswang Feat. Al.divino
08 Booble Headz Feat. Swaemello
09 Tropical Birds
10 Magicmush


Shipping Date: December 17th, 2021