Devious - Reflections CD

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New NorthCyde reissue, this time from the mist of the SFC, Bay Area comes Devious. A dope G-Funk album produced by Les-G originally released back in 2000 on CD-R only. Limited to only 300 copies!




01 Intro
02 Hustlin' On Da Streets (feat. Isaiah)
03 Do Or Die (feat. Big Mack & Lil Dank)
04 Secrets To Da Grave
05 Doin' Thangs
06 Game Of Elimination (feat. Les-G)
07 Why? (feat. Marquese)
08 Livin' N Reality
09 Reflections
10 Sucka' Free Style
11 Hogs Love Gabbage
12 It Might Take A Time
13 Niggas Gang Bang (feat. Daniel 99)
14 Life Till Death
15 Murder Rap (feat. Young Black Lunatic's)
16 Do Or Die (Remix) (feat. Big Mack & Lil Dank)
17 Doin' Thangs (Remix)
18 Livin' N Reality (Remix)


Shipping Date: December 10th, 2021