Poppa E' & Tha C.r.e.e.m. Team - ...Don't Get Scared Now! CD (OG COPIES)


The rare 2001 full album from Poppa E' & Tha C.r.e.e.m. Team that came out on Silas World Music out of Los Angeles, CA.




01 Bell Ringer
02 Born N Tha Ghetto
03 Phatt N Tha Game
04 Real Shit
05 What Cha Bout Boy
06 Watch This
07 Tell Dat Nigga
08 Am I
09 What's Goin On
10 Cold Sweat
11 Tie Yo Shoes Up
12 Let'em Know What I Brought Ya
13 Hotter Than Hot
14 Don't Get Scared Now


Shipping Date: December 17th, 2021