Swigga (of Natural Elements) - Sunset Mindset LP


Although Swigga has released many singles as L-Swift (within Natural Elements, 2Face and NorthEastWildcats) & countless songs, freestyles & mixtapes as Swigga this is indeed his 1st full-length studio album EVER.


This project is a combination of 2 albums Swigga put together as he writes several albums simultaneously, so songs like ‘Swigga Szn’, ‘Persevere’, ‘Forever Lullabies’, ‘Never No’ etc are from “Swigga Szn” (which is an album he was gonna release before he decided to Focus Solely on the NEw Natural Elements Release) and songs like ‘Flower Shop’, ‘I Understand’, ‘Don’t let me Down’, ‘I Can’t Complain’, ‘Perpetual Summers (Sunset Mindset)’ etc. represent the “Sunset Mindset” vibes of the album.


Producers on this project include Charlemagne, Scram Jones, J Armz, Joe Nights, Haydn3000, Eavesdrop & Reezy Re.


It is very intentional for Swigga’s sound to be a slight departure from the core “Natural Elements” sound while also showcasing his versatility and his evolution as a songwriter. He made it so that his day one fans can still hear him on that vibe simultaneously in this time period as he’s currently still releasing NEw music with his group “NE” with more to come, along with NEw music by 2Face (with his Homie/Partner Anthony Cruz aka A-Butta).


Limited to only 75 copies on Lilac opaque vinyl, 75 copies on Sunset vinyl and 100 copies on Black vinyl!




A1 Swigga SZN
A2 Persevere
A3 Forever Lullabies
A4 Don't Let Me Down
A5 Power of Attorney
A6 Weddings & Funerals


B1 Pendulum
B2 I Understand
B3 Vroom
B4 Never No
B5 I Can't Complain
B6 Perpetual Summers (Sunset Mindset)




Shipping Date: December 10th, 2021