Soul Party - Da Bacyard LP

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Insanely dope album with previously unreleased and mad dope material by New York City’s Soul Party. This is some real underground & hardcore Hip-Hop from 1992. Enjoy the 90’s golden era vibes! Limited run of only 300 copies on vinyl!




01 Da Bacyard
02 Mad Murdering Maniacs
03 Tear Suckas Out Da Frame
04 Da Flava Remix
05 Swing Da Bat 2 Da Right
06 Hudda Of Da Funky Budda
07 Lips Together, Teeth Apart
08 You Big Raggamuffin
09 Crazy Fuckin Bluez
10 Da Power Of One
11 We Gotz Our Own Thang
12 Da Flava


Shipping Date: November 12th, 2021