Guilty As Charged – G.A.C. Inmate CD

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Guilty As Charged "G.A.C. Inmate" was originally released back in 1996 on CD and tape. Now in 2021 Street Legacy Records has made sure this New Orleans classic will finally be available again on CD in very limited fashion, don't sleep only 200 copies were pressed!




1 Intro
2 G.A.C. Inmate
3 The Plot Feat. The Darranger
4 Mr. Death Feat. Infinity
5 The Dope Song
6 If I Got To Die Feat. Shank
7 Swampthang (It's Party)
8 No Playerhaters Allowed Feat. Infinity
9 Life Of A "G"
10 Sliver Spoon
11 No Peace
12 Love A "G" Feat. Shawn Gilbert
13 If I Got To Die (Remix)
14 Outro


Shipping Date: November 15th, 2021