Capital Punishment Klik - Shadow of Death CD


For the first time ever officially on CD! SWE is proud to announce the "Shadow Of Death" album from Capital Punishment Klik that was originally released back in 1997 on tape only!


Limited to only 300 copies on CD! Vinyl version coming in early 2022!




01 The Beginning Of The End
02 Scrilla
03 A Junkie Iz A Junkie
04 The Killing Field
05 Gang Mentality
06 Heartless
07 If I Die Before I Wake
08 Southside
09 Eyez Of Your Killa
10 Pain
11 Nightstalker
12 Pimpin Ain't Dead
13 Do You Wanna Be Down ?
14 Game Recognize Game


Shipping Date: November 15th, 2021