U.N.L.V. - 6th & Baronne (+1 Bonus Track & Liner Notes) CD

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SWE is back with another heater, the 1993 debut album from "Uptown Niggas Living Violent". This release will contain additional liner notes and has been entirely remastered by Pyra-C. As an extra bonus we will add the Eddie Bow (Radio Version) as well, which was a different version than the album version. This album has been dedicated to Yella Boy (R.I.P.)


Limited to only 300 copies!




01 Crack Out Show
02 6th & Baronne
03 Tec 9 Groove
04 UNLV Style
05 Another Trick (Street Version)
06 Eddie Bow
07 Get Into With A Nigger
08 My 9
09 Mannie Fresh Mix
10 Holler At A Nigger
11 Another Trick (Radio Version)
12 Eddie Bow (Radio Version)


Shipping Date: November 15th, 2021