U.N.L.V. - 6th & Baronne (+1 Bonus Track & Liner Notes) CD


SWE is back with another heater, the 1993 debut album from "Uptown Niggas Living Violent". This release will contain additional liner notes and has been entirely remastered by Pyra-C. As an extra bonus we will add the Eddie Bow (Radio Version) as well, which was a different version than the album version. This album has been dedicated to Yella Boy (R.I.P.)


Limited to only 300 copies!




01 Crack Out Show
02 6th & Baronne
03 Tec 9 Groove
04 UNLV Style
05 Another Trick (Street Version)
06 Eddie Bow
07 Get Into With A Nigger
08 My 9
09 Mannie Fresh Mix
10 Holler At A Nigger
11 Another Trick (Radio Version)
12 Eddie Bow (Radio Version)


Shipping Date: November 15th, 2021