L.O.G. - Camouflaged Down CD


For MWR's second collaboration with Untouchable Records they have decided to reissue this classic (Feat Fila Phil, Lokee, Ms Tee...)!




1. Intro - 9th Ward Scar
2. Ward Bangin´
3. Camouflaged Down (Street)
4. Trigga Man
5. Hot Boy Living Off Game
6. U.C. & Dead Willie (Commercial)
7. All For It
8. All About Drama
9. They Just Say No Show (Commercial)
10. Roll It Up
11. Lil Niggas Thuggin
12. Return Of The Gravefillers
13. Drama
14. Hustlin Is Da Skillz
15. Hot Boy (Radio Edit)
16. Camouflaged Down (Radio Edit)


Shipping Date: October 28th, 2021