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Darkside was a gangsta rap group from Sacramento, California, made up of rappers Waynee Wayne and Dubl-M.


They recorded this classic in 1996 with Coast To Coast Entertainment. In 1999, they recorded their 2nd album "Phunk Planet" in collaboration with DJ Quik, Suga Free, AMG, Raphael Saadiq etc.




1. Intro
2. Let Me Introduce Myself
3. Busta Ass Nigga
4. What That Smell?
5. Stanky Booty Bitches
6. Skillz Make Billz (Featuring 50 CAL)
7. Let Me Introduce Myself (Redio Version)
8. Up Short
9. So Cold
10. Dank And Drank
11. Do What You Gotta Do
12. Shot Outs
13. So Cold (Radio Version)
14. Bonus Track: Throw Your Hands Up (Featuring T.O.B.I.A.S.)


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