Pseudo Intellectuals – Pizza Money CD


Straight up one of the dopest albums I’ve released on Herring. Yes it’s a big statement – but this one is sheer perfection. Loads of sick jazz samples, killer drums, played bass lines, interludes, wicked scratch sections and incisive, satirical lyrics make this project by Buffalo, NY natives a stand out album of our time. One of the AOTY for me and straight into my top 20 Herrings – NO DOUBT!!


Peep the sounds – an absolute beast of a release!!!




1 Get the Money (A Prologue)
2 Pizza Money
3 Ted Cruise ft AL Third
4 Twenty Twenty Fun ft. Nelson Rivera
5 Extra Cheese (An Interlude)
6 Bolshevik Or Bust
7 Give Thanks ft. Tommy Quattro
8 Low Dough (An Interlude)
9 Pedagogy of the Depressed
10 Class War (Remix)
11 Mid Market Fresh ft Speed
12 Lost in the Sauce (An Interlude)
13 What’s New ft Dr Ooo
14 Fall of the Broman Empire ft The Fresh Sisters