Tim Dog ‎– Suckers Never Play Me / It's My Time 7"

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Flashback to 1990 and UltraMagnetic MC'S are back in the Bronx after an incredible show at Brixton Academy in London, U.K. where they introduced their newest member Timothy Tim Dog Blair to the die hard cult European audience. Tim Dog's mega buzz from his opening debut verse on Ultra's "A Chorus Line" put him on the A&R radar of everyone from Def Jam's Russell Simmons, Andre Harrell at Uptown to Chris Swartz at Ruff House.


Tim Dog's hunger to prove he was more then just one verse landed him and "producer of the year" Ced-Gee and T.R. Love "The Ultra-lab technician" back in the Ultra-lab studio to record Tim's demo. This demo not only secured the hardcore master's record deal but it showcased the dynamic "Fuck Compton" which laid the foundation of the legendary East Coast vs West Coast beef!


This obscure demo also housed two very dope innovative tracks, "Suckers Never Play Me" and "It's My Time"!! These two bangers finally saw the light of day through Black Pegasus back in 2015. In classic golden era fashion the masters of the SP 1200 Ced-Gee and T.R. come with uptempo break beats topped with saucey groovy chops and a pinch of hardcore cuts and scratches courtesy of DJ I-Roc and T.R. Love. "Suckers Never Play Me" a revved up fast song that borrows a quote from Chuck D. Of Public Enemy for the chorus, while Tim Dog spits braggadocio triple cadence metaphor letting wack MC's know he can't be fucked with! The flip side "It's My Time" which uses the park jam break beat "Assembly Line" by the Commodores, finds Tim Dog slaying his lyrical competition as well dropping positive life lesson jewels!!

This piece was limited to only 300 copies and they all come on orange vinyl. The real Tim Dog and Ultramagnetic heads need to have this classic added to their crates! Tim Dog may be gone in the physical but his musical catalog is forever immortal!


Shipping Date: October 8th, 2021