Phill Most Chill - The Remix E.P.


4 fast, funky and exclusive Bankrupt Europeans remixes of the classic, classic, classic Phill Most Chill tracks On Tempo Jack, Release Yourself, Be Intelligent, and Phill Most Chill on the Hype Tip. Cuts throughout are by the incredible DJ Grazzhoppa, so you know this is a must-have piece of wax.




A1 Release Yourself (Vocal)
A2 Phill Most Chill On The Hype Tip (Vocal)
A3 On Tempo Jack (Instrumental)
A4 Be Intelligent (Instrumental)


B1 On Tempo Jack (Vocal)
B2 Be Intelligent (Vocal)
B3 Release Yourself (Instrumental)
B4 Phill Most Chill On The Hype Tip (Instrumental)


Shipping Date: September 24th, 2021