Fam Bam Clicc – Da Bombay CD (OG COPIES)

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Superb debut album from the Fam Bam Clicc, originally released in 1995. All were members of Crip sets based in Los Angeles, a few of the members started out in the early 90's as members of the legendary N.O.T.S. group.




1 Fam-Bam Thang 
2 I Keep Rollin' 
3 Fam-Bam Thang (Music To Ride To) 
4 Tha Walk By 
5 Mighty Naughty Nine 
6 Shakin' Tha Spot 
7 Dam' Near To Oakland (Ghetto Mix) 
8 Dam' Near To Oakland (Radio Edit)
9 Dam' Near To Oakland (Bonus Cut)


Shipping Date: September 30th, 2021