Capital Punishment Klik - Ghetto Storiez CD


One of the best albums ever out of Nashville, Tennessee finally back in print! SWE is proud to announce the "Ghetto Storiez" album from Capital Punishment Klik that was originally released back in 1996!


Limited to only 300 copies on CD!




1 Life After Death (Can I Get Sum G Sh*t?)
2 Ghetto Storiez
3 Hood Crook
4 Who'z Down Witcha
5 Dead Man Walking
6 The Hustle
7 Day By Day
8 Dayz Of Darkness
9 Just Stay Real
10 Pressure
11 Runnin' Game
12 Murda Call
13 Survivin' Tha Game
14 Gotz No Love
15 Murda Made Me Crazy
16 Swishertime
17 Tha South


Shipping Date: September 30th, 2021