U.N.L.V. ‎– 6th & Baronne LP

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U.N.L.V. are a hip-hop group from New Orleans, Louisiana, originally consisting of rappers Tec-9, Lil' Ya and Yella Boy. Their name is an acronym for "Uptown Niggas Living Violent".

They were one of the first artists signed to Cash Money Records, where they recorded four albums from 1993 to 1996. Their first three albums on Cash Money were only distributed locally, but when Cash Money signed a larger distribution deal with Universal in 1998, much of their past music was re-released. Their releases were among the first well distributed examples of New Orleans Bounce music, produced by the Cash Money Records in-house producer Mannie Fresh.

The 9th OFFICIAL release from THE VINYL SPOT! Limited to 250 numbered copies. 


Side 1

1 Crack Out Show
2 6th & Baronne
3 Tec 9 Groove
4 UNLV Style
5 Another Bitch (Street Version)
6 Another Trick (Radio Version)

Side 2

7 Eddie Bow
8 Get Into It WIth A Nigger
9 My 9
10 Mannie Fresh Mix
11 Holler At A Nigger