Sean T - Straight From The Streets 2xLP

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Another OFFICIAL release from THE VINYL SPOT! Working with Sean T (Get gone!) to bring you this classic album including the QUALITY SOUND finally on WAX!


Straight from the streets is the 1st solo album that was recorded by the East Palo Alto rapper/producer Sean T. The album was originally released on Murder One Records in 1993 and was an instant underground g-funk classic. The album boasts 14 tracks and features hits such as "Get Gone", "All in a n****s look" and "Murder One Gangsta".


Sean then went on to record 6 more solo albums including "Pimp lyrics & dollar signs" in 1995, "Heated" in 2000, and his final album "Aint Playin" in 2005. Sean is still an active artist in 2020 and has a number of artists that he is currently working with including the new album by Mac 10 of Totally Insane titled "Its Personal". Over a career spanning almost 30 years Sean has produced music for some of hip hops most decorated artists. Some of the most memorable include 2pac, Mac Dre and the Game just to mention a few.


Release date: 13/03/2020
250 limited edition copies pressed.
Label: The Vinyl Spot Records, UK - TVS003 (reissue)



1. "Keep Em' Broke" – 4:10
2. "Get Gone" – 4:14
3. "Gangsta Shit" – 4:26
4. "As A Youngsta" – 5:09
5. "All In A Niggas Look" – 5:03
6. "Upper Hand" – 4:39
7. "Victim of a Jack" – 4:18
8. "Stay Off the Dick" – 3:41
9. "Straight from the Streets" – 4:33
10. "Murder One Gangsta" – 4:49
11. "Can't Be Touched" – 4:03
12. "A Whole Nutha Level" – 3:56
13. "Only the Strong Survive" – 4:31
14. "Shouts Out" – 4:05