Godd Boddies - Ill Visions LP

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Taha and JTLM Records are proud to offer you the Godd Boddies' debut album "Ill Visions" for the first time on vinyl.


Godd Boddies are a former Canadian rap duo originating from Scarborough, Ontario known as Knowledge Power and IGoDevine.
"Ill Visions" was released in 1997 under Def Beat Records and in 1998 Koch Records (Koch international at the time of the release) reissued the CD with an alternate cover and artwork.


The album features boom bap production from K-Cut of Main Source and lyrics filled with Five Percenter (Nation of Gods and Earths) undertones.


Handnumbered Yellow Visions Vinyl limited to only 25 copies.

Topaz Orange Vinyl limited to only 35 copies.

Dark Turquoise Vinyl limited to only 35 copies.




A1 Intro 0:20
A2 Be Very Afraid 3:44
A3 Who's That Lurkin 3:43
A4 Intermission 0:25
A5 Ill Vision 5:30
A6 Prelude 0:37
A7 Get Down On Your Knees 3:34
A8 Stop The Talkin 3:45
A9 Prelude 0:38


B1 Interlude 0:04
B2 I Know Myself 3:56
B3 We Taking Wack Niggas To War 3:32
B4 Intermission 0:44
B5 Life Is A Hustle 4:35
B6 Prelude 0:25
B7 Our Word Is Law 3:42
B8 Ill Visions (Radio Mix) 4:08
B9 Insight 0:21
B10 Change My Styles 3:03