Vakill - Armor Of God CD (OG COPIES)

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Musically, Vakill has never been in need of any outside assistance to succeed. Chicago has always had a reputation for lyrical rappers, but even amongst the Commons, Rhymefests, and Juices of his city, Vakill rises above the crowd. Blending a sharp tongue with street smart semantics, Vakill’s music resonates with hardcore hip-hop fans across the country. Even with all the lyrical talent in the world, Vakill has not become the household name he should be. Despite being an active emcee beginning in the 90s, Vakill’s official debut didn’t come until 2003. His sophomore album didn’t come until three years later and “Armor of God” comes to us five years after that. 


Here we are in the summer of 2011 and Armor of God has finally seen the light of day. With guests ranging from Slaughterhouse's Crooked I, Rhymefest and Nino Bless, with beats handled by a slew of producers, including Jake One and the Molemen's Panik and Memoriza, Armor of God is the audio equivalent of a smack in the mouth.


Vakill uses the throwback production as a canvas to paint his gritty narratives, giving the listener a first-hand perspective of life on the streets of the CHI. Lead single "Armorgeddon," for example, has Vakill spitting serial killer referencing bars ("A Dexter with a booth and a morgue in the basement") over Jake One's blaxploitation horns and funk guitar. 



1 Intro
2 Hi Ate Us
3 Armor Of God
4 Mean Mug Muzik
5 Sick Cinema
6 Heavy
7 Endless Road
8 The Apology
9 Wild Wild
10 Beast Ballad
11 Appetite Todestroy
12 You Don't Know
13 I Came 4 U
14 Armorgeddon
15 A Lynched Legacy
16 Bi-Polar
17 Proof