MC Juice - Tip Of The Iceberg CD-R

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No introduction need here, the legendary MC Juice from Chicago. A man with a fierce battle rap reputation who's responsible for giving Eminem an L back in the days. 


Tip of the Iceberg was originally released back in 2003 and showcases how good this man really was. The bulk of the production was handled by Panik of the Molemen!



  1. What

  2. It’s Lovely

  3. City Of Chi

  4. Run For Your Life

  5. Real Hip Hop

  6. It’s All One

  7. Feel My City

  8. Who’s Fucking With This?

  9. Lena’s Song

  10. Gone But Not Forgotten

  11. Same Hood, Different Day

  12. The Only Place For Me

  13. Rollin On LSD

  14. Inside Of Me

  15. Murder Murder

  16. Learnt

  17. Good Grief