Dru Down - Explicit Game 2xLP

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After his debut release "Fools From The Streets", this is Oakland rapper Dru Down's  second studio album -- the first release to make it to the billboard charts. This album was released on single vinyl back in 1994 and is now finally being reissued for the first time ever on double colour vinyl by Rels Records.





  1. Pimp of the Year
  2. Ice Cream Man (featuring Luniz)
  3. Rescue 911 (featuring Yukmouth)
  4. Realer Than Real
  5. Rigged (featuring Luniz)
  6. Bad Boys (featuring JT The Bigga Figga)
  7. Should Have Said So
  8. Talkin' Shit
  9. Ain't No Stoppin
  10. Hoo Ride (featuring Luniz)
  11. Call Me Dru Down
  12. No One Loves You (featuring Yukmouth)
  13. Talk How You Feel (featuring Numskull)
  14. Fools From the Streets (featuring Luniz)
  15. Bonus Track (featuring Luniz)