211 - Hustlin Pays Tha Bills CD*

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The first collaboration between Most Wanted Record and Untouchable Records will be the reissue of the classic "Hustlin Pays Tha Bills" from 211 originally released in 1996! 




01 Intro
02 Death Iz In My Hood
03 Pizza Man (Comm.)
04 Hustlin Iz Tha Skillz Feat. L.O.G.
05 These Are The Toolz
06 C. Tuck (Comm.)
07 Redrum
08 Down In Tha Boot Feat. G-Squad & Tre-8
09 A Mutha F--kin' Hustla Feat. Pimp Dogg
10 A G' Til' I Die
11 211z & 187z
12 Outro


Shipping Date: May 21st, 2021