Eastside - The Battlefield CD (Black Cover)

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This classic G-Funk album was released for the first time in 1998 by BBA Records (Black cover) and pressed in a very limited quantity. It had been re-released the same year by Puppy Dog Unlimited Records with an alternative artwork (Brown cover).


Most Wanted Records has now decided to reissue both versions and add 2 unreleased bonus tracks that were also recorded in 1998!


NOTE: The CD's were missing the bonus tracks and are being repressed by Most Wanted Records. All orders containing Eastside CD's will be shipped at the end of June once the correct pressings have been released.




01 Intro 
02 Southern Funk Feat. Chyné
03 Dogs Barkin' 
04 Masta Plan Feat. Tenanakin (The Realest)
05 Battlefield
06 Cloud 9 Feat. Dragonfly Jones & K.O. 
07 Lady G
08 Perfectionist Feat. Dragonfly Jones & K.O. 
09 Problematic Feat. Chyné, Sly Joe & Z. Bennett
10 Summertime 
11 City Feat. Chyné, Tenanakin (The Realest) & Z. Bennett
12 Stay Up 
13 Outro

+ 2 Bonus Tracks


Shipping Date: June 21st, 2021