Cold World Hustlers - Iceland CD

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Our NorthCyde fam is back with another banger! This time around they are releasing a remastered CD reissue of Cold World Hustlers' 1995 sophomore album "Iceland". Including "Cold Day In Hell (Remix)" as a bonus track!


Limited to only 250 copies!




01 Cold World
02 Cold Day In Hell
03 Every Day Thang Feat. One Tyme
04 Run So Fast Feat. K-Love

05 Nasty Lyrics '95
06 Straight Doin' It
07 The Zone Feat. Female Fonk
08 Iceland

09 415 Reasons Feat. 11-5
10 Lil Homie
11 Cold World U.D.I. Feat. U.D.I.
12 Jeffrow

13 One Time Too Many
14 Dirty Bitches Feat. T.C., O.G. Kevi Kev & Charles Baxter
15 Taste Da Hate Feat. Dre Dog & Cougnut
16 Cold Day In Hell (Remix)


Shipping Date: May 21st, 2021