Smooth 7 - T.H.U.G. Poetry 2xLP

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SWE is back for another one with our man Smooth 7. This time around we will be doing a reissue of T.H.U.G. Poetry which will include 10 previously unreleased bonus tracks recorded between the early mid 90's and 2003.


The 2xLP will be limited to only 250 copies! The first 100 copies will be on gold opaque vinyl, and the remaining 150 copies will be on black vinyl.




  1. Soldier Falling
  2. Heat
  3. Havin Thangs
  4. A T.H.U.G.'s Story
  5. Bout Dat Money
  6. Danjah!
  7. Don't Cry
  8. The Life
  9. Los Angeles
  10. So Hot
  11. Se La Vie
  12. Neva Die Ft. Abstract Rude
  13. Not Get Wet
  14. Play 4 Keeps
  15. Blessings
  16. Breath Away
  17. Playas
  18. Do! Ft. Abstract Rude


Listen to the snippet on YouTube:


Shipping Date: May 17th, 2021