Rozewood – The Ghxst In The Mirror LP

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Amityville, NY emcee Rozewood brings his offering of his signature gritty street narrator style with his “The Ghxst In The Mirror” LP. The project is an exhibition of Rozewood’s prolific story telling.
“The Ghxst In The Mirror” is dark, serious but relaxed. It’s melodic street music that takes you on a journey, each track from beginning to end. The project features The Winners affiliates Hus Kingpin, SmooVth, Sean Rosati, Junelyfe and producers like Dirty Diggs, Arch Druids, Al.Divino,Grubby Pawz, Illastrate to name a few.

Countless rappers pay homage to the boom bap ruggedness of the ’90s, but few truly embody that era’s confrontational stance, even fewer do so while bringing something new to the table, and almost none do all of the above while demonstrating genuinely remarkable skill. Here, Rozewood accomplishes all that and then some.


Shipping Date: April 27th, 2021