Homeliss Derilex - Fraudulent 2xLP

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Due to the huge demand, HHE and Homeliss Derilex have collaborated to bring you a second press of Fraudulent. This time around there will be 150 copies on Brown Opaque Vinyl and 50 Brown Opaque Obi editions.


A beautiful remastered edition featuring all the classic demos, tape promos and vinyl singles.




A1 HDz (1993)

A2 Fraudulent (1993)

A3 Fuck You! (1993)

A4 Survive’n the Game (1995)


B1 Cool Baby (1993) Ft. Encore

B2 Real Hip-Hop (Interlude)

B3 Operations (1993)

B4 Baby Song (1992)


C1 Dead Grounds (1994)

C2 D-Struct (Interlude)

C3 Only On Thursday (1995)

C4 Extensive Damage (1993) Ft. Persevere


D1 Fresh As Me (Interlude)

D2 Lesson One (1993)

D3 Whiskey (Interlude)

D4 Like That (1997) Ft. Encore

D5 Manslaughter (1997) Ft. Halekost


Shipping date: September 14th, 2021